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New Certification Renewal Requirements

Residency, professional, and continuing certificate holders, in the roles of teacher, administrator, and ESA, now all have the same options to renew their certificates:

What about this STEM requirement I have heard about?

Beginning on September 1, 2019, renewal applications for residency, professional, and continuing teacher and CTE certificates must document completion of at least 15 clock hours, or at least one goal from an annual professional growth plan (PGP), with an emphasis on STEM integration to meet this renewal requirement.

STEM integration is the authentic combination of at least two of the STEM components (science, technology, engineering, mathematics). The requirement applies to the following endorsement areas:

When you have completed these requirements and are ready to log into the OSPI EDS system to enter your information and renew your certificate, refer to the following step-by-step slideshow to complete that process.

Navigating the OSPI E-Cert System (Google Slides)

Title slide for OSPI certificate slide deck