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Google Apps Master

Complete these courses to earn the Google Apps Master badge.

Designing Coherent Instruction
Google Drawings for Graphic Organizers
Graphic organizers are a powerful learning tool for students. With mind maps, concept webs, Venn diagrams, and more, students can express their knowledge, plan their projects, and explore their content. There are many tools available to create graphic organizers and Google Drawings is a great free option. Learn how students can use Google Drawings to create graphic organizers, use existing templates, collaborate with others, and share the final product.
Earn 2 clock hours
Designing Coherent Instruction
Mastering GMail
Learn how to manage your email more effectively. Mastering GMail will help you to work more efficiently, and give you the know-how to teach your students how to manage email the right way.
Earn 1 clock hour
Establish Culture for Learning
Mastering Google Calendar
Google Calendars offers numerous tools that allow you to organize your personal and professional life. Use calendars as collaborative lesson plan books, keep track of meetings, events, and conversations. You'll even learn how to create appointment slots to allow you to quickly schedule blocks of time such as parent conferences.
Earn 2 clock hours
Designing Coherent Instruction
Mastering Google Slides
MODULE UNDER CONSTRUCTION AND WILL BE AVAILABLE AGAIN SOON! Learn the ins and outs of creating presentations with Google Slides.
Earn 4 clock hours
Engaging Learners
Teaching Math with Google Drawings
Learn fun and creative ways to address Math Common Core Standards with Google Drawings. Topics include symmetry, angles, polygons, pictographs, line plots, area, fractions, algebra and more. The content will focus mainly on elementary and middle school level math, but the ideas can be applied to other grades and subjects as well.
Earn 3 clock hours