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What is a Professional Growth Plan?

Professional Growth Plans (PGPs) are job-embedded, self-directed professional development that allows you to earn 25 clock hours through OSPI.


In a Professional Growth Plan, educators set their own goals, align them to certification standards, design an action plan, and collect evidence documenting their growth towards achieving their goals. Educators then reflect on the process and have a certificated educator in Washington state review and sign.


There is no cost to an educator for a PGP. Clock hours earned through a Professional Growth Plan are eligible for salary advancement in Lake Stevens and can also help you earn the STEM hours that are required for recertification starting September 2019.

Needed Documents

Helpful Resources


  • Read the PGP rubric for what will meet expectations
  • Set your goals based on one to three criteria from the Washington Teacher Certification Standards, make sure there is a connection between your goal and intended outcome and the criteria you choose
  • Keep your evidence collected along the way with your official documentation in case you are audited